Why Choose Vieques?

Discover more than just a destination

Vieques brings you the most stunningly beautiful settings and remarkably fulfilling experiences Puerto Rico has to offer.

Nearby Things to Do in Vieques

Stunning Beaches
The beaches of Vieques are among the clearest, most picturesque and most dazzling in the world, and are truly what make Vieques the gem of Puerto Rico. Dig your toes into the sand at Blue Beach, perhaps the bluest and most crystal-clear of beaches in all of Puerto Rico, and discover what sets Vieques apart from other Puerto Rico destinations. Learn More »
Wild Horses
Don’t be surprised if you happen upon these beautiful beasts inland or even on the beach, they’re quite plentiful throughout Vieques and make the breathtaking settings even more dramatic. Interested in riding one? Click Here to Learn More »
Bioluminescent Bay
Discover an extraordinary ecological oddity! The Vieques Bioluminescent Bay (or Bio Bay) offers a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience for travelers of all ages. Awe at the sight of millions of tiny dinoflagellate lighting up the bay, producing the brightest bioluminescent body of water ever recorded. Learn More »
Delectable Food and Drink
Delicious, contemporary Puerto Rican cuisine and one-of-a-kind specialty drinks can be found abundantly throughout Vieques, as well as right within the El Blok Hotel. Want to make a reservation at our exceptional on-site restaurant? Click Here »
Exciting Adventure Tours
Indulge in breathtaking and unexpected experiences in Vieques, including sailing tours, guided mountain bike tours, historical snorkeling adventures, beach explorations and invigorating hiking tours. Or, just rent the equipment and create your own unforgettable adventure! Learn More »

Your Incredible Adventure Awaits in Vieques