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We are Located in the Isla de Vieques

El Blok Hotel is centrally located along Esperanza’s El Malecon and just across the street from the beach. 

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Getting to El Blok

Publicos–a semi-public form of a taxi service–are typically plentiful at both the airport and ferry terminals. El Blok is a short 15-minute drive across the island from either place. More reliably we suggest you call (787) 741-TAXI before takeoff and organize a private taxi (a fleet of black Jeep Wranglers). 

Getting to Isla de Vieques

Even though Vieques feels like a lifetime away, there are many options to get you to and from the island depending upon your time commitment, budget, and sense of adventure. All commercial domestic and international flights arriving in Puerto Rico will do so through San Juan International Airport (SJU). The most convenient way to get to Vieques is to book flights directly from San Juan International Airport (SJU)  to VQS. We are huge fans of the on-demand flight experience and always recommend Air America as our go-to charter company.  They offer reasonable prices, great customer service, and up to date planes.  Most importantly, they take you where you want to go when you want to get there.  Check them out via their website at

If commercial flights are your more your style, Vieques Air Link,, or Cape Air, fly from SJU to VQS several times a day.  Flight times are approximately 30 minutes and in the ballpark of $120 per person each way. If you have some extra time and want to save a few dollars, take a 20-minute taxi ride (cost is about $20 for up to 6 people) from SJU to Isla Grande's Luis Munoz Marin Airport. Flight times are about the same as flying from SJU, but as a regional airport, rates tend to be $40-50 cheaper each way. Vieques Airlink, and Air Flamenco,, service this airport. 

For those on a budget or large groups traveling together, you may want to venture by Taxi to Ceiba’s Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport. Getting to Ceiba by taxi can take up to one hour and typically costs about $80 for up to 8 people. Flights from Ceiba to Vieques are 7 minutes and cost around $34 each way. Remember that all planes are “puddle jumpers” and hold no more than 14 passengers, though some hold only 8. Airlines servicing Ceiba are Vieques Airlink and Air Flamenco. 

Lastly, for the budget conscious and most adventurous of our guests, you have the option to take the ferry. To take the ferry you will need to travel by taxi to La Lancha terminal in Fajardo and then catch the ferry to Vieques. The taxi ride is about 1 hour long and $80 for up to 8 people. The ferry is $2 per person and travel time can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the boat. You have to go in person to purchase tickets, they cannot be purchased via the web or by phone. Additionally, expect delays, long lines, limited access to bathrooms and refreshments while you wait and the possibility of being bumped off because of a large number of residents or boat malfunctions. Due to a limited number of spaces, you will not be able to bring your car onto the ferry. Generally speaking, traveling to Vieques by ferry is very difficult. Fly if at all possible. 

Most importantly, no matter how you get here, you must check all flight and ferry times before arriving to ensure that you have enough of a window to arrive at your destination.