Things to Do in Vieques

Adventure Awaits!

We are madly in love with Vieques. We want you to the feel the same way. Our knowledgeable staff are ready and able to share their insights and experiences with you. We will happily recommend and/or book any excursions and adventures that you are interested in.

The Beach

We take our adventures and beach days seriously in Vieques.  With more than 20 different beaches to choose from rather than list them here, we encourage you to drop by the desk and let us give you the rundown.  We can make recommendations based on what you sort of experience you’re after and based on your transportation situation.


Our Go to Beach

Playa Sun Bay:  One of only 4 Blue Flag Beaches in Vieques, Sun Bay is in perfect proximity to El Blok.  A 10 minute walk from our door boasts white sands, calm crystal waters, and shady spots for napping under the palms. Learn More »

For the ultimate Beach Day

Made in the Shade: Just wake up and put your suit on.  Swim suit that is.  Made in the Shade will take care of the rest.  Beach Cabanas, Chairs, and even transportation are provided and you will experience some of the most beautiful and primitive beaches on the island.  This is luxury, Vieques Style.   Let us book this for you or reach out directly to Davo, Made in the Shade’s owner, at 508-353-3090.


If you do one thing in Vieques, it should be to visit the Bioluminescent Bay.  Protected by Mangrove on three sides the Bay is home to not only the dinoflagelates that bring on the glow but scores of marine and plant life. Our Bio Bay is the brightest in the world and a night on the water will change you.  Trust us. Remember bug spray with DEET is not allowed as it is harmful to the marine life that literally light up the night.

Go to Adventure Company for the best Bio Bay Experience

Taino Aqua Adventure: Clear bottom kayaks, small intimate groups of 8 or less and the best tour guides around make this our number one pick for Bio Bay excursions.  Bookable online and pick up just down the street are added bonuses.  Remember:  the darker the night, the brighter the bay and no tours will go out on a full moon.  Book directly by visiting or by dialing 787-349-6964

Insider tip:  Taino Aqua Adventures is expanding their repertoire and is now offering FlyBoarding.  With water jet propulsion at your feet, be prepared to lift off out of the water and see the ocean from a bird’s eye view.

Vieques Bioluminescent Bay

Snorkeling and Scuba

Marine life abounds in Vieques.  If you are more than a passive beach goer and want to see who and what inhabits Vieques below the waterline, book an excursion with Isla Nena.  If you want to go it alone, we can give you tips on the best gear rental and locations to drop in to.


Go to Dive Masters

Isla Nena: Tanya and Arnaud have the dive market cornered here and we are pretty happy about that.  Incredibly knowledgeable, fully PADI certified, and all around great people to dive with.    Whether discover Scuba or a guided night dive, they can put together the excursion for you.

Mangrove Magic

The mangrove lagoons and tunnels are among the most peaceful and tranquil places anywhere on earth.  Tour these important ecological wonders by kayak and visit some of the most pristine, fertile waters in all of Vieques.

Go to Kayak Tour Company

Abe’s Snorkeling:  One of the largest and most popular outfits on the island, Abe’s can offer you just about any type of tour you can dream up.  If you’re lucky, the pirate himself will be your tour guide.  Visit or just stop in their shop down the road from El Blok.


Electric Bike Rentals

Electric Bike Rentals

We firmly believe that the best way to experience Vieques is not within the confines of a vehicle.   Reserve an Electric Bike for a day (or two or four) and gain access to some of the coolest and remote locations on the island.  Think your average mountain/trail bike only better…its got a battery powered motor that allows for a little extra oomph when you head in to the hills or want to peddle less and ponder more.

Go to Electric Bike Rental:  Nikky and Steve and Vieques Guest House

Horseback Riding

Once you see the majesty that are the free roaming horses of Vieques, you will want to have your own magic moment atop one.  Rather than hitching your own ride, we recommend seeing Vieques by horseback with the many professional outfits on island.  If you want to go on horseback, remember to throw some closed toe shoes and long pants in to that weekend bag.

Go to Riding Company

Esperanza Riding Company:  Nicknamed the Caribbean Cowgirls, this female run outfit offers daily group and private tours through parts of the island not accessible by car.  And there is of course, the obligatory beach stop where you lead your charge in to the crystal waters of the Caribbean for a photo-op.   Find out more about ERC by visiting them on the web at

Vieques Wild Horses

Ahoy! Land Ho!


Your plans include taking Vieques by land but what don’t forget about changing your perspective and seeing Vieques from the sea.  We are a boater’s paradise and there is no shortage of ways to spend your time on the water.  From luxury power catamarans, to one man Sunfish to a day spent aboard an historic yawl, Vieques offers plenty of ways to put the wind at your back.

Go to Sailing Charter

Vieques Classic Charters offers half day, full day, and sunset cruises aboard Shalimar, a 1941 classic yawl.  In the capable hands of dashing Captain Sebastian Watt,  you can make your experience as hands on or off as you like.  To book an experience aboard Shalimar visit

Island Tours

Embrace your Indiana Jones and step in to the past on island tour where you will visit the ruins of  Playa Grande Sugar Mill and Plantation, military bunkers,  a 400 year old Ceiba tree, the cite of the Puerto Ferro man and the military forts that have protected our island as far back as the 1800’s.

Go to Island Tour Guide

Angie Adams:  Catch Angie by phone at 787-397-2048.  Tell her we sent you.


Treat Yourself!



We are firm believers in the idea that Vieques can rejuvenate you mind, body and soul.  Give it a nudge and book a massage either on the beach or in your room with the healing hands of Vieques.  Massage therapists typically work on an on-call basis here so as soon as you know you’re looking for that magical touch, get your appointment booked.

Go to Massage Therapist

Rebekah Anderson with Inner Harmony Massage:  Rebekah can be booked by calling her at 919-793-4156. Rebekah is a frequent collaborator with El Blok and has space reserved on site if you are looking for a space alternative to your room or the beach.

Eat. Drink.  Be Merry. 

We are confident that El Blok’s restaurant and bars will be your go-to place for eats and drinks during your stay but we want you to know that Vieques’ culinary scene is a burgeoning one.  With many restaurants offering cuisine on par with those in large cities across the world, the island’s fare will not only meet but exceed your hopes for a taste filled adventure.  From fine dining to food trucks.  We’ve got it going on.  Check with our staff for our favorites flavors and hours of operation.


Stay Current

As Vieques grows from sleepy island in the sun to global destination for those who want to get away from it all, we are seeing a constant evolution of events, offerings, and things to do.  To keep abreast of what’s happening on island, join our newsletter, follow us on facebook and Instagram and visit our favorite publication’s website at

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