About El Blok Hotel


El Blok began like all true successful business should–as a hand drawn image of a mystical looking building on the back of a bar napkin. It was at first simply an idea among friends who had no history in hotels, restaurants and bars other than their inclinations to spend quite a bit of time in them.

They trekked back and forth across the globe for business and fun and more often for a healthy dose of both. The idea was simple: A unique space, a friendly staff, and delicious food and drinks. And so it began.

In a small coastal town on a beautiful island just four hours from New York lies an urbanesque retreat that defies easy description.

With just 22 rooms, El Blok’s strikingly modern aesthetic, pared down simplicity, uncompromising comfort, and contemporary Puerto Rican atmosphere make it a very personal Caribbean find. Award winning architecture by San Juan based Fuster + Partners and a low environmental impact philosophy form a hotel that is a lesson in the duality of design. Part sculpture and part contemporary tropical oasis, upon first glance, El Blok doesn’t seem logical. But take a step inside and what you thought at first made no sense at all will make you change the way you thought about beach hotels.


Inclusively Exclusive.  Modern. Eclectic.  Funky.  Fun.  We are an urban retreat in a tropical oasis.  Buttoned up bankers and intrepid travelers sit side by side for an afternoon cocktail with nothing in common but a love for island getaways.  Sun worshipers and shade seekers unite.  El Blok is not for everyone but we are pretty sure its just right for you.
“Do it because you love it”.  This is the mantra of the men and women who make up the El Blok family.  Almost all wholly local and with us since our opening in 2014, El Blok’s staff are passionate about Vieques and excited to share their little piece of paradise with you.  Casually connected and tuned in to the needs of our guests, we do not follow scripts, wear stuffy uniforms, or provide cookie cutter service.   We’re just here to help you enjoy your time in the sun and have a whole lot of fun while you’re doing it.
An afternoon nap as the light filters through the perforated panels on your balcony or a game of chess off the Placita in the little jungle hideaway, the mood and the energy at El Blok never fails.  The sunrises and sunsets from the roof top are as majestic as the stargazing.  The smells of bayonda wood waft up through the open air atrium from the kitchen each evening.  El Blok is a feast for the senses.